In Search of Night

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Article from Santa Cruz Sentinel

On September 29th 2013 my father, my mentor and my best friend would have been 59 years old. In Search of Night is a present for someone not physically present delivered in a simple form of a 2 min 45 second time-lapse video. This collection of footage from the High Sierras to the California coast line, is just a brief glimpse into a 6 month quest to reconnect with myself, my Dad and the ideals he has instilled within me. I traveled to where my father and I had previously shared epic adventures; where he taught me about universe and where we could experience the solitude of truly dark skies. During the production of this video I became very aware that things are changing, and that once where there were purely dark skies they were pure no more. Our Night Skies had become rapidly polluted with stray light. This a widespread epidemic where the entire planet is quickly losing its Dark Skies and causing irrefutable damage. This has led me on a new path of fate and I will work to preserve the night sky for all generations to come. As I begin the next phase I look forward to integrating my profession of surf photography into a slow-motion, time-lapse Documentary project consisting of the best surfers on the globe traveling the west coast to create Light Pollution awareness. We will be surfing some of the most rural secret spots in contrast with the most light saturated metropolises along the west coast line. I hope you have enjoyed this, these trips truly re energized my passion for life and brought back the best memories I had shared with my father while he was on this earth. All images were captured in the dead of night using meticulously planned times and dates allowing for moon-strikes, meteors and the glory of our galaxy the Milky Way. This was shot from March - August 2013 with the shutter surpassing over the 25000 photos narrowed down to around 4000 for this project.

Director of Photography Cory Hansen

Edited by Justin Bortnick and Cory Hansen

Director of Production Justin Bortnick

Canon 5D Mark III 24-105mm / Manfrotto tripod / 15mm

Music by Prefuse 73 A.M.N.H.

Instagram- cphotohansen

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