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The ALS McWay Falls Series is a fine art collection of five photographs in a limited edition of 200 prints plus 29 artist proofs. Half of the first 100 limited edition proceeds will be donated directly to the ALS Association’s research fund. Each 100 photos in the  series will be signed "ALS Limited Series",  titled,  and then numbered.

The remaining 100 prints will be sold after the ASL Series is sold out and 5% of the those proceeds will go to "Donate Life California", a program very close to my heart. 

 Each photo is available in different sizes and are printed on metal - by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, metal bases highlight truly stunning details 3 dimensional effects. Custom framing options are available by request. . Please do not hesitate to ask any questions at all! I can be reached at for any custom print inquiries as well! Thank you for your support and being part of something so special


" In contemporary art, a limited edition refers to a set number of released prints of a certain piece of art. Limited editions are just that - limited - and this is what gives them value in the fine art world. The exclusivity or limited production of a piece is what makes it fine art, what maintains its’ integrity as fine art, and what supports its' investment value. The images will never be re-released when they’re sold out as this would detract from the value of the edition, disappointing our collectors, and compromising the integrity of the Photographer. Additionally, collectors can be assured that limited editions are a great collection and as a investment: as the availability decreases, value increase and once the edition is closed the images increases substantially because they are no longer available.  All photo Hansen prints have numbered limited editions of 500 with 29 artist proofs unless otherwise noted of a more exclusive collection


Artist Proofs are even more exclusive in their rarity and are only available through contacting Cory Hansen directly at: CORY@PHOTOHNASEN.COM or 831.239.8632 These are extremely limited and meant to last a lifetime. These prints are face mounted to a piece of archival acrylic. The finish creates an image full of depth and rich in color. The high gloss finish of the acrylic makes the image stand out and reveals the finest details of the print. Since the print is fully sealed against the acrylic this mounting technique can significantly improve the archival life of the image .


Metal prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused onto the surface and not on it your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. Truly stunning detail and resolution giving a 3D or HD appearance to the photo. Standard option is the "float" mount which hangs the images on the wall appearing to float on it's own.


12 X 18         425                                                                                            

16 x 24          695

20x30         1,125

24 x 36       1,700

30 X 45      2,950

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