Bio - photohansen
I am 28 years old and was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. As good of a home base as Santa Cruz is, early on, my parents instilled in me that traveling is the best form of knowledge. It was those early trips that fueled my curiosity and passion to travel the world and bring back photos to document and share the road less traveled. The last ten years, I have been lucky enough to make a living globetrotting around and chasing swells looking for that perfect Robinson Crusoe back drop. There is something about the unpredictable ocean and the amazing places we have found that keep the adrenaline junkie in my always looking for what’s on the next horizon.  

I am currently a contributing photographer for Surfing Magazine, Surfer Magazine and numerous advertising companies. As much as surf photography pays the bills, I love to focus on being the most versatile photographer as possible, ready to shoot anything at anytime for anyone. I hope you enjoy my work and I thank you for looking. All of my prints that are up for sale can also be custom ordered to any size, any surface and any finish!

Check out my Surf Line portfolio

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