ALS_ICEFALLS - photohansen

The ALS McWay Falls Series is a fine art collection of five photographs in a limited edition of 200 prints plus 29 artist proofs. Fifty percent of the first 100 limited edition proceeds will be donated to the ALS Association’s research fund.

I have been planning this shoot for over a year and meticulously researched the dates when the cosmos would align perfectly. I wanted to preserve a magical moment in time from a prospective never photographed of the breathtaking tidal waterfall that is McWay falls in Big Sur. I captured a rare beach level view of the falls at night colorfully lit by the fading hues of astronomical twilight and the setting crescent moon. For the first exposures, I needed the fog to lift and the moon to shine bright enough to illuminate the falls but not too bright so that it washed out the fine details of the Milky Way along with Mars and Saturn together on the  horizon. This was one of those once in a lifetime moments that I live for, creating an image that can never be reproduced - it will be ingrained in me and captured forever. Humbled by this night and our vast universe, a shooting star sparked the idea to use the falls as the perfect, unique ALS bucket challenge. I would conserve water as well as integrate my art into a video that will hopefully inspire people to do something to help others. Thank you, Uncle Brett Cambern, for the callout!

Each photo is available in different sizes and are printed on metal - by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, giving the image truly stunning details and creating an almost 3D or HD appearance. *Other framing options are available by request.

29 Artist Proofs are also available. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions at all! I can be reached at! Thank you for your support and being part of something so special

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